Tosin+ Bukky// Married


As we head into another cold spell of winter weather here in Toronto, I thought it befitting to warm our hearts by sharing Tosin and Bukky’s nuptial day.  It’s only natural that these two lovebirds became one. I am going to tell you about the groom and bride but not from the perspective of the wedding day but rather from their relationships with people.

The groom: Tosin is one heck of a human being.  He is  probably the most caring, giving, patient, and respectful human I have encountered. His joyful demeanor on this day allowed me to shoot as though I was a guest rather than as a photographer. Various testimonies of his simple acts of kindness and care for others are both an encouragement and inspiration to me.

The bride: I am not exactly sure how to describe Bukky, but will give it a shot.  She is one of five young ladies that has being pushing me to be a better photographer and has made me a better man by her jovial spirit and kindness. I have seen her grow into a young lady of esteem, essence, and courage. Her drive to be a better version of herself is an inspiration on its own. Her ability to poke fun at me every chance she gets is something I look forward to whenever we talk. 

Congratulations on this new amazing journey you both are embarking on!



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  1. I love the simplicity of your work

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