As I board the plane going back to Toronto, after shooting a wedding here in Antigua, I realize how blessed I am to be a wedding photographer. So I am going to end 2015 and start 2016 (depending which part of the world you are) with Ope & Seun wedding in Houston.  I am grateful for the opportunity to capture and document peoples new beginnings. So allow me to tell you a story, of such a couple.
Opeyemi is my unofficial adopted sister and a woman of virtue. Sometime in May of 2013 I received a phone call from Opeyemi and our conversation went something like this:
Me: Hello
Ope: Uncle Photo, how you doing?
Me: Good, what do you want? Ope always have one thing or the other
Ope: I am getting married December 2014 and I want you and your family to be there!
Me: (shocked)  What? To who? But you don’t HAVE A BOYFRIEND
Ope: Uncle Photo, calm down, I don’t have a boyfriend yet, I am just telling you my plan and discussion with Almighty God.
Me: Amen
Fast forward to July 2014, she called to invite me to her traditional wedding in Nigeria for December 2014. Unfortunately it was during the Ebola saga and it was all postponed for as a two day event in Houston Texas for the month of June, 2015.
I am humble to be part of Opeyemi and Seun’s beginning.  Please enjoy some of my favourite images from both the Traditional and White Wedding.
P.S. I was shooting as a guest shooter, I just had to share some of my love for this couple.

” Your dream is the key to your Future. You need a dream  (vision) in order to succeed in what you do”